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Kickboxing is an aerobic form of exercise that helps strengthen and condition your body. Kickboxing is a form of Martial Arts although not traditional Martial Arts it is Martial and still an art form. Kick-Boxing is a sport that will help you get fit and provide health benefits, such as reduced body fat, increased flexibility and strengthened heart. Fire Up your metabolism with Nitro Kick®

Exercises to prepare for kick boxing and kickboxing itself will gain muscle tissue. There is resistance, but not like weight training. Kickboxing improves your balance and builds total body strength. To minimize risk of injury and maximize workout results you should start with a warm-up and learn the basic skills and movements from an instructor.

Most Aerobic kickboxing classes in a gym are taught by aerobic instructors that have had minimal training in real kickboxing. Training wrong in Kick Boxing will only result in bad habits and bad form which minimizes the Benefits and Maximizes risk of injury.

“All forms of Martial arts are to improve your health, not damage it”

Preview a compilation of Nitro Kick® and view a short clip of some of the different training aspects of the workout. Watch before you buy. (Must watch)

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Cindy Dietrich Age 41
Occupation: Physician (Anesthesiologist) "After knee reconstruction and neck surgery, I never thought I could find an exercise program that is safe fun and effective. Nitro Kick promotes endurance and balance with proven results.

See what a few Nitro Kick practitioners have to say!

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Dr. Mark T. Jaroch Surgeon I have been working out with the Nitro Kick® for the last 18 months. My strength, flexibility and energy levels are greatly improved. I can't wait to leave work to go work out. The exercises in Nitro Kick® are helpful to all individuals and I recommend Nitro Kick® to my patients.
Sincerely, Mark Jaroch


If you are trying to hit those stubborn areas in your upper back, yes the area just below the rear shoulder (deltoid) Nitro Kick will start knocking it off.
You want to tighten that lower pooch that just does not seem to change much, no matter what you do. Nitro Kick will do it!
you would like to see form and shape overall in your entire body. the area of the arms that look like your arm is not just one long log. Appear to have a longer waistline which takes trimming your waist down. Trim up those unwanted flaps at the hips that are so difficult to get rid of.
Nitro Kick will do it!
How do i know so much about these areas that women have been trying to remove for years? I have trained hundreds of female clients and thousands in classes. I know exactly what there challenges are. I can glance at a person's body and see what areas are the weak points.
Stop spending hundred's of dollars on DVD'S that are to difficult to do without one on one instruction that may create injuries. Start exercising with Nitro Kick, it's lower impact, yet challenging in the right ways to kick up your metabolism and truly work your core area with standing exercises. These are exercises that have been developed by the Shaolin monks over 4,000 years ago. They are not dance moves that have been marketed as ultimate abdominal routine.
I have been training in Kung Fu since the age of 19 and will be 59 years old August 25, 2013. Show me what you have at 59, not 30!!!! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER AND UNBEATABLE!!!! Order Now
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